Winter wedding styles
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Winter wedding styles
When it comes to weddings, there's just something magical about a winter wonderland. The snowflakes falling softly around you, the fire crackling in the hearth, the cozy blankets wrapped around you and your sweetheart... it all makes for the perfect romantic setting. But with so many winter wedding styles out there, how do you choose just one? Fear not, because we've got you covered.

In fact, why choose just one when you can have a winter wedding that combines all your favorite styles? After all, it's your big day, so let's make it exactly as you want it!

Winter wedding styles are varied and original. They set you in a romantic mood, give you the opportunity to believe in a miracle and are remembered by everyone present for years. True, it can be so difficult to choose just one of them! However, you can not choose, but compile several styles.

This is your wedding, and it will be exactly the way you want it!


Hollywood movies are amazing at capturing the atmosphere of a Catholic Christmas. It seems that the screen smells bewitchingly of pine needles and cinnamon, and Santa Claus is about to burst into the room with a welcoming cry. Admit it, at least once when watching such moments you wanted to immediately be in the film and enjoy the holiday, sharing the joy of the movie characters.

Well, you can do it right at your own wedding! All guests will like the idea, and you will realize your dream.

The main colors of a "Christmas" wedding are, without a doubt, red and green. (If you wish, you can do with only red, supplementing it with elements of other tones.) These colors are symbols of the Catholic Christmas and look great against the background of white snow.

The wedding hall can be decorated with deer figurines, red and green Christmas flowers, striped Christmas caramels, sprigs of mistletoe and berries, cones, red bows, Christmas decorations, spectacular candles. As for the Christmas tree with joyful lights of garlands, then, of course, it is an integral attribute of the holiday. However, if desired, it can be replaced with decorative compositions from branches of coniferous plants.

There are no strict rules for the images of the bride and groom. The classics will fit perfectly into the "Christmas" wedding - the white dress of the bride (it will stand out amazingly against the background of the red-green design) and the traditional suit of the groom. And if you want to dream up, then, again, there are no obstacles.

Treats can also be anything. But do not forget about warming drinks - in the Christmas atmosphere they will be more appropriate than ever. You can treat those present with traditional mulled wine or other drinks that you associate with Christmas.

It is recommended to decorate the wedding cake in the same Christmas style - red bows, Christmas balls, sprigs of coniferous plants, clusters of bright berries. A sweet table can be supplemented with caramel apples, gingerbread and cinnamon pies.

And do not forget about the most suitable musical arrangement for such an event - traditional Christmas songs! They are suitable for dancing, and just to create the necessary mood.

winter fairy tale

If other winter wedding styles in one way or another tie the bride or groom to certain canons, then this idea gives full scope for imagination.As the theme of the celebration, you can choose your favorite winter fairy tale (“Twelve Months”, “The Snow Queen”, “Snow Maiden”, “Frost”, etc.) or combine several magical stories at once. Or come up with your own winter fairy tale!


The design of the wedding hall, the images of the bride and groom, invitations and other attributes of such a wedding directly depend on the chosen fairy tales. However, regardless of the theme, needles, huge antique clocks, cones, tangerines, imitations of snowflakes, icicles and snowdrifts, Christmas decorations, shiny tinsel, candles in beautiful candlesticks will look appropriate in the wedding decor.


Speaking about the styles of a winter wedding, one cannot but recall the wonderful and kind fairy tale "The Nutcracker". It also refers us to the traditional winter holidays - Christmas and New Year. And, of course, her embodiment looks incredibly beautiful and romantic.

The decoration of the hall can be done in gold, brown, red and green shades. If at the "Christmas" wedding it was possible to do without a Christmas tree, then the celebration in the style of "The Nutcracker" is hard to imagine without it. Under the tree, you can lay out an imitation of gifts.

The design will look amazing gilded nuts and cones, fresh flowers (it is better to give up the exotic and give preference to roses), antique items, spruce twigs.

The images of the bride and groom can refer to the heroes of the fairy tale "The Nutcracker". But this is optional. You can choose classic wedding images.

Since the Nutcracker for many is, first of all, a ballet, the bride will look amazing in a dress with a puffy skirt, reminiscent of ballerinas' tutus. To complete the picture, let the wonderful music of Tchaikovsky play during the evening at the wedding.

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